Dowel drills and routers

Grinding of dowel drills

RS 2000/110 Quick clamping chuck 3-16 mm
Weight 0,5 kgs

Grinding tools:

RS 2000/103 TCT: Diamond grinding wheel

Router cutters

RS 2000/110 Quick clamping chuck 3-16 mm
RS 2000/032

Grinding wheel arbour, Ø 10 mm with taper

Weight 0,8 kgs
RS 2000/141 Transmission unit (7000 rpm.)

Grinding tools:

Single-flute router cutters

RS 2000/215 TCT Diamond wheel for finish grinding
RS 2000/216 TCT Diamond wheel for pre-shaping
RS 2000/217 HSS High-grade corundum wheel for profile grinding
Double-flute router cutters
RS 2000/218 TCT Diamond wheel for face and top grinding
RS 2000/219 HSS high-grade corundum wheel

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